Monday, March 30, 2009

Favorites: Shannon Hale

I'm not even sure which Shannon Hale novel I read first or why. It may have been Austenland, because I do love a good reimagining of Pride and Prejudice and this one was quite fun.

My introduction to Shannon Hale may have been The Goose Girl, but if so it was probably because of a review from bookshelves of doom. Anyway, whatever the reason, I have read all four of the Books of Bayern. I love the fairy tale feel of Hale's stories. They're lovely, sweet, compelling stories with just a touch of magic. The vaguely medieval world is beautifully described and each of the four Bayern novels focuses on a different character, but each has a strong, compelling personality. These are books I've passed around to all my friends because it's so easy to fall in love with them!

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